Adventuring Snake Woodland

3 March 2019

Woodand path in the peak district

I've been meaning to share my visit to Snake Woodland on the blog for a while now when we visited back in late November last year, just as all the trees were starting to lose their golden autumn leaves and you could sense that winter was on its way. Snake Pass is one of the most popular roads to drive along in the Peak District, situated between Glossop and Ladybower Reservoir in the High Peak area, that winds through the valley of rolling hills and alongside River Ashop. Driving along this road you are treated to beautiful views across the heather strewn hills and pine trees on either side of the road as you make your way towards Snake Woodland.

We parked the car in Hope Woodland car park (or Birchen Clough car park) along Snake Road, not too far up from The Snake Pass Inn, opposite a Forestry Commission sign post that reads Snake Woodland. Once we had put our walking boots on, we crossed the road and headed down the rocky steps towards the woodland. When we reached the bottom we stopped at an information board which showed two colour coded walking trails. I can't quite remember which colour route we took, but I looked to my left to see a little footbridge and was immediately intrigued to see where the path would take us.

Walking along these paths there was just so much to see. I was mesmerised by the little streams flowing down the banks and rocks, branches dressed in dewy moss, the last pieces of autumn sweeping through the woodlands with coppery ferns and golden pine needles covering the paths. The afternoon light breaking through the clouds made the woodlands become even more magical, especially when the rays of light poured in, it shone through the pine trees and glowed upon the woodland floor. There was just this mystical atmosphere surrounding us and not to mention the sounds of birds chirping in the trees and the water rushing down the banks was ever so peaceful to hear.

And so if you find yourself driving along Snake Pass, the woodlands are waiting to be explored. It's a spectacular location and I'd definitely love to visit again throughout any season.

Views: 5/5
Walk: 5/5
Difficulty: 2/5 (paths can become very muddy and slippery in poor weather conditions)

Lady Clough (Snake Woodland) walking route

Woodlands in the peak district
ferns in the peak district
woodlands in the peak district
woodland streams in the peak district
fungi in the peak district
woodlands in the peak district
woodland streams in the peak district

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