Celebrating Spring

24 March 2019

It seemed as though winter just didn't want to budge over the past few weeks. One moment we all thought that the weather was just starting to warm up, but then the next thing we know we were hit with low temperatures, frosts and snow. And not to mention all these storms we've had lately with plenty of rain and high winds! However the spring equinox has begun and with the weather looking to pick up, it's time to start embracing the changes of spring.

The meteorological spring started on the 1st March, whilst the astronomical spring began on the 20th March, officially marking the start of the spring equinox. The equinox begins as the sun crosses the Earth's equator and day becomes equal to night. From then on the days will become longer and the nights shorter.

"I glanced out of the window at the signs of spring. The sky was almost blue, the trees were almost budding, the sun was almost bright." - Millard Kaufman 

There's nothing I love more than the changing of the seasons, the transition between the ending of a season and the start of a fresh new one. If I had to choose my favourite, I would definitely say summer to autumn, with all the leaves changing to warm golden tones and the temperatures start to get colder. But each seasonal change has its magic and that's what spring certainly brings.

It's that feeling of fresh new starts and everything around you springing into life. Seeing new buds unfurling on the trees, the start of longer lighter evenings, daffodil and tulips blowing in the breeze around the villages and alongside countryside lanes, baby lambs bouncing around in the fields, bee's buzzing from one flower to another, cool in the shade and warm in the sun, April showers and streets lined with pink and white blossom trees that leave a sea of petals scattered along the paths.

Celebrating the spring equinox

Buy bunches of daffodils and tulips for the home from the markets or shops.

Start sowing flower seeds in the garden or in trays upon the windowsills. Have a go at growing your own fruit and veg too.

Start your spring cleaning.

Visit a stately home, hall or garden.

Go out for a long walk in the countryside. Embrace the changes of spring, take your camera with you and capture some spring snapshots, gather foraged finds for the home and bring along a picnic if the weather is good.

Cook a seasonal spring meal.

Reflect and make some new goals for the year ahead in your journal.

Have a go at creating your own spring wreath, made with foraged finds.

Bake some homemade hot cross buns for Easter.

Enjoy the start of lighter evenings, sit outside in the garden or head out for a walk in the late afternoon/evening.

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