Finding Magic Amongst Padley Gorge

10 March 2019

Babbling brooks in peak district

The more I wander the woodlands and forests, the more I believe that something magical and mystical lies within each and every one of them. Because magic is found amongst the trees and burrowed beneath the old roots. It's found sweeping through the leaf strewn winding paths, under moss covered rocks and flowing along the babbling brooks and streams. Wherever the woodland paths lead you, there's always magic to be found.

I've never seen anything quite like the ancient woodlands of Padley Gorge, which is situated in the village of Grindleford in the Peak District. I had been searching for another woodland location to shoot in the Peak District, and so when I came across photos of Padley Gorge I knew it would be the perfect place to explore. There are a couple of different walking routes you can take, but we decided to park the car at Grindleford train station where we set off past the café, over the train station bridge and followed the path until we reached a National Trust sign post for Padley Gorge.

Walking through this woodland I felt as though I had been transported into some mystical realm, reminding me of the woodlands described in the world of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. We walked along the paths and came across trees with twisted moss covered branches and old exposed roots stretched out across the woodland floor, stepped across wooden footbridges that cross over babbling brooks, listened to the sounds of the rushing water running down the rocky cascades and stumbled upon abandoned millstones scattered with old leaves and dewy moss. These woodlands allow your mind to run wild with imagination and the perfect place for a peaceful wander.

I'm sure that Padley Gorge is a beautiful location to photograph throughout each of the seasons, but dressed in autumn colours I've heard how it becomes even more spectacular and is known to be a landscape photgraphers paradise throughout the season of autumn.  A trip later on in the year is a definite must!

Views: 5/5
Walk: 5/5
Difficulty: 3/5

Padley Gorge trail from Grindleford station

woodlands in the peak district
babbling brooks in the peak district
woodland footbridge in peak district
moss covered rocks in peak district
twisted trees in the peak district
waterfalls in the peak district
babbling brooks in the peak district

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