Seasons in Film. Part One.

18 March 2019

It's not often that I use my Olympus OM10 camera, but when I do I like to bring it along with me every now and then whilst I'm out and about and take a couple of shots. I had a go at shooting my first roll of colour 35mm film a while back in autumn, I gathered a couple of my favourite prints and shared them in a post which you'll find here.

I loved the outcome and thought I would shoot another roll of film throughout the whole of summer. Unfortunately, after I finished the roll of film I unloaded the film wrong and ruined the film! So I waited a couple of weeks and bought a new roll of colour film towards the end of last year to shoot throughout winter. After following a YouTube video (I think I've mastered it now) to make sure I unloaded the film correctly, I had it developed and printed two weeks ago and so I thought I would share a post featuring a few of my favourites. I scanned these to my laptop myself so please excuse the quality!

I have a few taken from my visits to Castleton and Snake Pass as well as some shots which were taken around the local woodland trails when the grounds were covered in a sea of snowdrops. I'm thinking about starting up a new blog post series for my 35mm film shoots and so I'm hoping to shoot another roll of film around late spring into summer time, when all the wildflowers are blooming in the meadows and heather strewn landscapes.

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