A Sunny Afternoon At Wollaton Hall

29 April 2019

Wollaton Hall, built in 1588 is an Elizabethan country house surrounded by 500 acres of land, including beautiful gardens, peaceful woodlands and a magnificent lake. It's home to herds of fallow and red deer that can be found wandering the grounds, along with plenty of other species of wildlife you'll find around the parkland. It's also known for being Wayne Manor in the Batman movie, 'The Dark Knight Rises'.

It was very warm and sunny when we arrived at Wollaton Hall, the perfect weather for wandering around the gardens and setting up a picnic on the lawns. Once out of the car we set off along the long stretch of lawn up towards the house where we took a quick look inside the house which is open to the public showcasing Nottingham's Natural History museum. We then headed back out, walking around the back of the house towards the lake to see if we could find any of the deer. We couldn't seem to find any but then as we were walking back up towards the house, in the distance we spotted antlers amongst the trees.

I had never been so close to wild deer before. There were two lying down in the sunshine and another which was standing by a tree watching us as we were snapping away with our cameras. I've always found then to be just such beautiful, majestic animals and it was an absolute treat to see them up close. After taking photos of the deer we headed back around to the gardens where the blossom and magnolia trees were in bloom everywhere.

Wollaton Hall is certainly worth a trip, not only for the free entry to the hall and grounds but for the beautiful scenery and wildlife.

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