Exploring Lud's Church

17 May 2019

Lud's Church is a moss-covered chasm located in Gradbach in the Peak District. It was caused by a giant landslip, creating a deep and dark crack in the earth with many nooks and crannies spreading for 100 metres. In the early 15th Century it was used as a secret place of worship. It's also known for it's mythical relations to Robin Hood and Friar Truck, who were believed to have fled to Lud's Church to go into hiding from the authorities. Lud's Church has plenty of magic and mystery surrounding it and is a

As I didn't get the chance to visit Lud's Church the last time I visited the Roaches back in January, I just knew I had to come back again to plan a walk. I had seen plenty of photos and had been told that it's a perfect place to explore and take photos. So two weeks back I took a trip out to the Peaks to explore the magic of Lud's Church.

We parked the car at Gradbach car park, located beside the River Dane. After walking along a small countryside road, we found ourselves walking up a rocky path into the woodlands. It felt so good to get back to the woodlands again, to walk hand in hand amongst the trees, watch the water rush along the babbling brooks and spot bluebells along the pathways. Despite a very cold breeze blowing through the woodlands, the sun was shining through the clouds and trees, that were lusciously green and bursting with life. It just felt so refreshing to get back outdoors again.

We carried on along the path until we reached the opening of Lud's Church. Walking through I immediately felt this magical energy, it was as if I had been transported to a mystical world as we made our way down the rocky steps. We stood in the middle, surrounded by the walls of Lud's Church that were dressed in a thick dewy moss, where the sun was shining down into the cleft, glowing upon the moss and creating shadows upon the ground.

Lud's church may only be a short walk, but it's one of those places where you could spend hours exploring.

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Lud's Church Walk 

Walk: 5/5
Views: 5/5
Difficulty: 2/5

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