The Roaches Photo Diary & New Adventures

14 July 2019

It's been a while since I last posted on the blog. Alongside all of that I've been feeling a little run down at times and I realised it was because I was trying to do too many things at once and overload myself with lots of different tasks each week. So I've now put my foot on the breaks and I'm beginning to slow down again.

Back to the blog, I've been meaning to get back into posting my adventures again. I have quite a few on my list that I'd love to share through mini guides/stories and photo diaries too! We visited two popular forests in the Lake District where we followed colour coded trails amongst the pine trees and forest roads. Most recently we've been back to the Peak District, where we took a long walk around Snake Woodlands, which one of my favourite woodlands in the Peak District. And then last weekend we followed part of the Monsal Trail along Chee Dale, Miller's Dale, Wye Dale which took us through beautiful woodlands and nature reserves bursting with life.

A few weeks back we also walked the Roaches, which I first walked back in early January and wanted to come back and do the walk all over again. We were unsure as to whether we were going to manage to walk the Roaches as the weather wasn't great at all. We had just had a whole week of rain and the weather wasn't looking too promising for the weekend, but we decided to play it by ear and take a drive through the Peaks anyway. When we arrived at the Roaches, the sky was thick with dark clouds and it was starting to spit with rain, but that wasn't going to stop us and so we put on our walking boots, zipped up our waterproof jackets and headed along Roach Road to reach the first gate and set off on our walk.

Once up on the ridge we stood upon the huge rocks and took in the views across Tittesworth Reservoir which is definitely on my list of favourite viewpoints in the Peak District. The views were even more beautiful with an abundance of cow parsley and ferns growing wildly in every direction. We spent a good amount of time walking our trail with our cameras in hand and photographing the rock formations and views ahead. Towards the last part of our walk and once we had reached the trig point, all of a sudden a gust of wind picked up and it started to heavily pour it down with rain. At first we thought it would clear and so we waited under a rock for a while, but the rain just didn't want to stop! And so with our cameras tucked away safe and our hoods up, we carried on along down the steps towards the bottom of roach road and continued along the countryside lane back to the car.

We made it back to the car completely drenched from head to toe, so we had some lunch and got ourselves warmed up again and ended our adventure driving back along the beautiful countryside roads. No matter the weather there's always a chance for an adventure!

I'm hoping to share some more adventures from the Peak District, Lake District and more new places we visit over the next few months!

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