Biddulph Grange Garden Photo Diary

30 August 2019

Alongside adventuring through forests and beside the lakes and mountains, I love a good visit to a hall or garden. They're perfect to visit throughout any time of the year, but I always find that a visit to a garden in the summer is my favourite of all as it's wonderful to see all the vibrant summer blooms. A month back I signed up for a National Trust membership and after having a good look through the handbook I came across Biddulph Grange Garden, a Victorian garden with plenty of character, split into sections that bring to life places from across the world.

We both enjoyed walking around the many sections of the garden, our favourite part was seeing the huge Koi and Carp in the lake, where we sat on a step at the bottom of the lake, feeding them with fish food that we bought from the shop and watched as they swam up to the surface to eat the food. It was amazing seeing these huge fish! The gardens merged so well together, it was like being transported to a different part of the world in every direction. We thought the China Garden was the most interesting of all, with it's stone archways, a little painted bridge and Chinese temple overlooking the pond and even a statue of a giant golden buffalo! Although the garden was designed to be inspired by China, there was a selection of Japanese trees such as cedars and maple (acer trees), with their twisted branches and brilliant bright red leaves draping over above our heads as we walked through the garden.

There were many steps and tunnels around the garden, one which took us out towards the path of the Pinetum lined with pines, monkey puzzle, spruces, firs and many other trees from around the world. It took me back to the forest again with a wonderful scent of pines in the air and the sounds of birds chirping in the trees and at the end of the path we came towards the Cheshire Cottage which you could go inside and look out towards the trees. The Stumpery was also an interesting part of the garden, which had this unusual but mystical feel about it with upside-down oak tree roots surrounded by ferns and moss, twisting in different directions.

There's so much to see at Biddulph Grange Garden, a perfect place to spend the day walking around the many beautiful and interesting sections of the garden. I even bought myself a small Dahlia from the National Trust shop to take home with me and plant in the garden!

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