Exploring Middleton Lakes

24 January 2020

Over the past month or so I've been out and about exploring some of the RSPB's nature reserves where there's been so much wildlife. We recently visited Middleton Lakes, which is located not too far from Tamworth, which is surrounded by beautiful wetland, meadows and woodland in the River Tame Valley. Ever since our visit to the Osprey Centre in the Cairngorms, where I hand fed the little Coal Tits, I was determined to hand feed some more birds and so we bought along a bag of seed to bring with us on our walk.

We arrived at Middleton Lakes and as soon as we made our way across a boardwalk beside a reedbed we spotted blue tits, robins and plenty of other birds swooping down from the trees and taking food from the feeders. I put down some seed on the ground and watched as this robin jumped down from a branch and took a couple of seeds with him, he seemed rather happy to be fed some seeds as he kept coming back and forth for more food. We set off into the woodland area following the path through the trees. We saw another little robin chirping away on a branch in front of us and so I held out my hand with a couple of seeds and amazingly he swooped down and took some seeds from my hand. We continued through the woodland and out into the open again where we saw a bunch of logs standing up together with seeds scattered all over them. We stood and watched for a while as lots of birds swooped down from the trees and landed on the logs where the seeds were. We spotted blue tits, robins and nuthatches take the seeds and fly back to the trees.

After taking photos of the birds at the logs, we carried along the path where we spotted another robin up in a tree. I held out my hand again with some seeds and the robin straight away flew down onto my hand. I just couldn't believe how long the robin sat on my hand for and it even posed for the camera! We walked over a bridge along the canal, and set off along the wetland area where we walked beside lakes and reedbeds and stopped off in the Lookout hide. The winds were picking up and it was starting to rain and so after walking around the lakes we decided to head back towards the woodland again to see if the birds we still there. After taking some more photos of the birds and laying out the rest of the seeds, we headed back to the car for some lunch and a coffee.

RSPB Middleton Lakes