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2 April 2020

It's a difficult time for us all right now, but throughout these tough times, all we can do is hold on, try our hardest to stay positive and know that we will get through this. My anxiety has been up and down over these past few weeks, but I've been trying my hardest to do things to help me keep calm and relaxed and also get myself back into therapy sessions. I've been getting out to my local nature trail a few times in the week, just to get some fresh air and listen to the birds sing in the trees. It's been nice to see more of spring coming to life, with flowers popping up everywhere and green starting to appear on the trees. I've been getting back into writing again and I thought I would still continue to share previous adventures and nature pieces on the blog. I thought I would start by sharing a few photos from a trip to Buttermere in the Lake District a few weeks back.

I visited Buttermere in the Lake District for the first time last year in spring and absolutely fell in love with the place. The lake itself is surrounded by mountains and if on a clear day where the water is still, you'll be able to see the reflections of the tall mountains upon the water. There's a path that takes you around the whole of Buttermere lake and there's just so much to see along this circular trail. I didn't complete the circular trail the first time I visited, but I'm glad I did this time as I didn't realise that there are Highland cows halfway along the trail!

The water seemed to be a lot higher than the first time I visited as the large rocks I saw in the water had now been covered. It was a rather moody, cloudy day but the mountains looked spectacular and I spotted a dusting of snow on top of them.

Once I'd taken a few shots of the mountains across the lake, I set off for the walk around the lake. Although it's a circular walk around the lake, it had varied terrain and parts where you could wander off through the trees, beside babbling brooks and along the pebbles at the edge of the lake. I was very happy to see the Highland cows towards the bottom of the walk, who were sat lying on the grass enjoying the views surrounding them. The other side of the walk took me up some rocks and through a tunnel and I could see the dramatic mountains on the other side with a rushing waterfall and patches of snow.

Buttermere Valley