A Day at Chatsworth

29 July 2020

Last weekend my lovely friend and her boyfriend took me to visit Chatsworth grounds for a walk beside the river and a picnic. It's been a while since I last visited Chatsworth, I've been inside the gardens a few times but had never been walking around the grounds beside the river. It's free of entry to walk around the grounds and only £4 for parking when you book online in advance. It's been while since I last ventured futher away from home and oh how I needed it. On the way to Chatsworth it was so nice to see the little stone cottages amongst the villages in the Peak District and to see the rolling hills painted in a luscious green. 

When we reached Chatsworth, we could see the house looking grand as always in the distance over the river. We took a walk towards the house, following the river on our right hand side. There were sheep everywhere, enjoying the sunshine after a downpour of rain and in the distance on the other side of the river you could see a herd of female deer with their young. Walking beside the water I could see what I think were sand martins, swooping overhead and down towards the water. We watched them swoop in and out of the holes made in the sand of the bank and fly down towards the rippling water. 

We spotted a heron standing proud in the water and looking out for fish. Little did we know that there was a kingfisher perched on a broken tree branch behind the heron. It wasn't until the next day when I was editing my photos, when I spotted the kingfisher in the photo I had taken of the heron. After eating our lunch in the sunshine, we walked down to the river where foxgloves and thistles swayed in the gentle breeze and sat down to watch the ducks swimming in the water. We spotted a grey and yellow bird beside the water that we couldn't identify at the time, but I searched it on the RSPB bird finder and turns out it was a grey wagtail.

I couldn't believe how much wildlife we saw whilst walking around the grounds of Chatsworth. I never knew it would be bursting with so much wildlife. It's amazing what you might come across when out in nature. I'm looking forward to getting back to Chatsworth again to visit the house and gardens too and who knows, we might just spot that kingfisher again!

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