Autumn at Padley Gorge

30 October 2020

At the beginning of autumn I wrote myself an autumn to-do list, full of things I wanted to embrace throughout this season of autumn. One of the things I wrote on my to-do list, was to go and visit Padley Gorge as it's one of my most favourite places to visit throughout this beautiful time of the year. So I arranged a walk with friends and we set off for an autumn adventure at Padley Gorge last weekend. 

There's something just truly magical about this woodland, I think I say that about all woodlands that I visit, but with this one it truly comes to life throughout autumn. It's twisted, ancient trees will never fail to show off their glorious autumn leaves and you become mesmerised by the bright golden colours as you wander it's paths. When you enter the woodland it's as if you've been teleported to a fairy tale land, it somehow doesn't seem connected to where you started, as when you wander into the heart of the woodland you become surrounded by old trees with twisted branches, moss covered rocks and babbling brooks. 

You can start the walk from Grindleford train station however I suggested that we could start our walk from the Longshaw Estate car park with an extra section added to the walk to get us to the woodland. It was a lovely day for a walk through the woodland as the afternoon sunshine kept shining through the cracks in the clouds and poured in through the canopies. It was beautiful the way that the sunlight hit the golden yellow and burnt orange leaves and shone down upon the mossy rocks along the pathways. We scrambled down a sloped path towards the waterfall where we enjoyed listening to the sound of the water crashing against the rocks and took in all the colours surrounding us. 

We walked all the way towards Grindleford station and then made our way through another pathway back into the woodland. It's one of my favourite sections as there's this one particular tree that has the most glorious autumn colours and the floor beneath it becomes a carpet of burnt orange leaves. We walked along a bridge that took us over the babbling brook and then walked up some steps back up to the top of the woodland. The evening was slowly drawing in and the sky was painted with colours of pinks, peaches and purples. We headed back through Longshaw where we spotted some ducks at the pond, I luckily had some seed in my bag and so we treated the ducks to some seed before we set off. We got back to the car just as the sun began to set and then drove off back through the Peak District. 

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