Autumn at the Nature Trail & Misty Mornings

10 November 2020

For the past few days I've woken up to look out of the window to see the street covered in a thick blanket of mist. It's both eerie and mystical at the same time as the mist sweeps across the roof tops and hugs itself around the trees. I can sense that autumn is slowly beginning to drift away and that winter is on the way and so I thought to myself how I want to embrace the rest of this beautiful season. Now with the second lockdown in place we can't travel far and so I wanted to make the most of embracing the rest of autumn around my local area. One of the main things I want to embrace is the rest of the autumn colour. The trees are starting to become bare, with some of my favourite trees around the village already without any leaves left, but as I've been wandering down the local nature trail there is still plenty of colour left. Whether that still be the last leaves left on the trees shining with oranges, golds and greens in the sunlight or those crisp crunchy leaves scattered along the woodland path ready for boots to walk on them, there is still plenty of colour to see during these last few weeks left of autumn. 

If there's one thing I love most about my local nature trail is that it's full of wildlife and each time I've been for a walk down this trail I always notice something I might not have seen before. There's one part of the trail that takes you up some steps with trees to one side of you and open fields to the other. Not many people choose to walk up that way and so I always find it the perfect opportunity to stay up there on my own for a while and see what birds I can spot. Last week I noticed bullfinches which I've never seen there before, unfortunately I didn't have my camera on me but I enjoyed that moment watching them with my own eyes rather than through the viewfinder. 

Then on Saturday afternoon I spotted a song thrush, another bird that I have never seen before, I think there were two that were perched in a tree above me. It warms my heart to be able to walk along this nearby nature trail and be surrounded by wildlife and to spend those mindful moments watching birds up in the trees around me. As I was walking along that path, I could hear a buzzard call right above me. I looked across the field and there it was, a buzzard perched on a tree branch looking out towards the fields. It was too far away to get a closer photo of this magnificent bird and so I waited and waited to see if it would fly any closer towards me. Unfortunately it flew off in the opposite direction but it was a fantastic sight to see. I carried along the path and watched as house sparrows landed in the bramble bushes, chattering amongst themselves and acrobatic blue tits up above taking berries from the trees. 

On Sunday the mist was back and so I thought I would go for a wander along the nature trail again to take some photos of the mist through the woodland. Just like any wild and green space it changes throughout the seasons and changes alongside the weather conditions too. Walking along the trail all I could see down at the bottom of the path were the trees disappearing amongst the mist and as I got closer the trees came back into view. It was quiet and all I could hear was the birds singing in the trees and I was trying my hardest to figure out what birds I could hear. I walked up the steps again to look out across the fields and the large tree that stands tall in the top field was barely visible amongst the mist. For a split second I spotted a bullfinch but it was too quick for me to get out my camera and take a snap, but instead I saw the blue tits again amongst the berries and a couple of blackbirds singing loud above me. I set off back home and as I was walking back along the trail, the morning sunlight was shining through the clouds and these magnificent rays of sunlight shone down the bank and upon the woodland floor. It was truly magical.

It was a much needed wander through the woodlands, especially during these difficult times. We can't travel far, but there's so much to see right on your doorstep and when you go out for a local wander, you'll be surprised by what you might just come across.