Woodland Wanderings in the Snow

7 February 2021

I always seem to miss the opportunity to go out with my camera on a snow day and so when we had a good amount of snow two weeks ago, I had some spare time in the morning and decided to wrap up warm and go for a wander around the local woodlands to see what photographs I could get in the snow. I hadn't seen this much snow in such a long time. A month ago we had some snow, but this time round it was at least 4 inches or more! The paths around the woodland has completely disappeared under a thick blanket of snow and all the trees were dressed in white. The morning sunlight was peering through the clouds and shone down upon the snow covered ground which looked like glitter. It was truly magical to walk amongst the snow covered woodland.

I was lucky to see quite a few birds out in the snow. I saw plenty of robins and one of them was about an arms length away from me, perched on a tree branch and singing a song to me. If only I had bought some seeds with me, it seemed to enjoy my company with or without seeds. I saw a charm of goldfinches high up in the birch trees. They stood out the most against the snow, with their bright red faces. They were an absolute joy to watch, pecking at the catkins on the trees and hanging upside down on the branches. I also spotted blue tits, great tits, house sparrows and a brief glimpse of a chaffinch. I haven't walked down this part of a nearby woodlands in a while and never knew just how much wildlife you can spot down there. I hope to get back down there soon whenever I go on my local wanderings.

Whilst walking through the woodlands, with the soft crunch of snow underneath my wellies, the fresh cold air, sun warm on my face and bird song in the trees, I thought to myself just how much calmer I've been this past month. My traineeship has a lot to do with that, spending pretty much most of my time outdoors has been the best thing for me. I'm where I was always meant to be, working outdoors, surrounded by nature. It's made me realise just how much being outdoors is good for me, my anxiety will always be there, but when I'm busy doing the things I enjoy, my mind feels calmer. A month has gone by and I have been enjoying every moment and I still have plenty more to learn. I shall be back with more updates soon!

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