Frogs at the Nature Trail

5 April 2021

I've always had a fascination with frogs. They've been visiting the garden for as long as I can remember, hopping around the borders in search of a good meal amongst the shrubs and stones. We've had small ones, large ones and each with different blends of earthy colours. I had never thought to build a pond in the garden until last year, when the first lockdown started and I decided to make a mini pond in the border. I was very surprised to see that one of the resident frogs appeared in the pond a week later after building it. I am yet to see the garden frog, but around two weeks ago I heard that there were lots of frogs down at my local nature trail and so I just couldn't resist going out for a walk with my camera to see if I could capture some frog photos. 

The first thing I could hear as I was walking towards the location of the frogs, was this loud croaking noise. I couldn't believe it, all of these male frogs competing against each other with their loud croaking chorus that reverberated around the woodland. I wandered along the path and there they were, little frog heads poking out of the water below the banks, surrounded by clumps of jelly like spawn. I crouched down to take some photos and to my surprise watched as two frogs swam towards me and stared right into the camera lens with their large eyes that sparkle like gold dust. I could have watched them for hours, there must have been around 20 of them scattered around that part of the woodland, swimming about in the shallow body of water that collects at the bottom of the woodland banks.

Unfortunately, due to hardly any rainfall over the past few weeks and the frogs choosing not much of a great place for their spawn, they have ventured elsewhere and the water levels have decreased massively. I hope that they have wandered back to the main pond at the beginning of the trail, which is a much more perfect spot for them to breed!

Have you seen any frogs lately?

A Visitor at the Pond 

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