Spotting Insects at the Local Nature Trail

21 June 2021

Each year during late spring and into summer, I always take a walk down to my local nature trail to see the beautiful display of wildflowers at the little meadow that grows at the end of the trail. At the moment the meadow has the beautiful, bright colour palette of red campion, creeping buttercup, welsh poppies and many other types of wildflowers sweeping throughout. I remember last year, during a low point in my life, I wandered along this meadow each day during summer and felt so much more calm as I watched the flowers sway gently in the breeze and butterflies dancing around me, landing gracefully on the flower petals. That feeling of calm came back to me recently as I wandered the wildflower meadow again. 

I have a big love for insects, I find them so fascinating and could spend hours watching them. A wildflower meadow is a perfect spot to see many different species of insects, however we don't have enough meadows for them. Sadly our insect numbers are declining rapidly, with habitat loss being one of the biggest issues. Fortunately there are little things that we can do to help insects thrive again, such as signing petitions/joining campaigns, community gardening and planting our own mini wildflower patches. 

I love that I have a little wildflower meadow to visit locally, it was planted a few years back and has been blooming each spring and summer ever since. Walking around the meadow I came across a number of bumblebees such as common carders and buff tails, common blue damselflies were spotted along with the banded demoiselle. I spotted hairy shield bugs hiding amongst the folds of leaves and ladybirds creeping up stems. Many butterflies were fluttering around the meadow, common blues, holly blues, orange tips, large whites and small whites. I was filled with joy to see so many insects surrounding this little wildflower patch, I see plenty in the garden but not as much as this. It gave me hope that there are more communities coming together to provide a home for nature. 

We have just over one week left of 30DaysWild, so why search for your local wildflower meadow and go on an insect hunt! I look forward to visiting this little patch again soon, especially when the oxeye daisies take over, it's such a wonderful display. I'll certainly be keeping an eye out for more species of insects around this spot. 

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