February's New Beginnings

19 February 2022

I've been contemplating what to do with this little space on the internet as it's been a while since I've shared a post here. Instagram is my go to place for sharing my adventures and mini blogs, I find it an easier and more convenient platform to use amongst other goings on. But then after some thought and looking back on my previous blog posts, I just couldn't part ways with this site and the adventures I have shared. So maybe I might try to write a blog post once a month. Maybe I'll share more adventures and photo diaries and maybe I'll share more on mental health. I've had this site for too long to give up on it now.

The start to 2022 certainly hasn't been the easiest. My anxiety was sky high and I couldn't focus properly. Until eventually I took myself away from that situation that was bringing me down and since then a sense of freedom from all that stress has been shining through. February has become my January; my new start to the year. I realised that self-worth is important, I realised that you should never feel ashamed of struggling with mental health. And most importantly I realised you should never underestimate just how strong you really can be. 

Spring is on its way along with all of natures new beginnings. Green leaves soon to appear on the trees, the first blooms appearing along hedgerows, parklands and woodlands, birds building their nests and much more. I say this every year, but after a long winter I'm very much looking forward to spring arriving. I'm looking forward to my own new beginnings.