Spring Adventures

28 March 2022

Happy spring! March has been a month of spring weather, bumblebees and butterflies emerging, a chorus of chiffchaffs wherever I go, lighter evenings, going to my first ever gig, the search for nuthatches, new adventures, excitement and feeling happier than ever. Last month I said I was looking forward to new beginnings and that's exactly what has happened. 

Adventures with my boyfriend, Alex, have been my favourite of all. We've walked around reservoirs, along canals, amongst woodlands and upon historic limestone grassland. We've seen the largest flock of siskins we've ever seen high up in the pine trees of Sherwood Pines, long-tailed tits gathering moss and lichen for their nests, oystercatchers gliding across the water, nuthatches scaling head first down trees, kestrels perched on a branch right in front of us, great spotted woodpeckers flying from tree to tree, a rabbit suddenly appearing in front of us at Ladybower Reservoir and so much more. 

There's truly nothing quite like being out in nature, exploring off the beaten track and magical encounters with wildlife. I'm looking forward to sharing plenty more photo diaries from our new adventures to come.