Calm Walks by the Water

26 April 2022

So far April has been a month of strolls beside reservoirs and rivers, first wildlife encounters of the year, "almost" spot on plant ID, road trip planning and much more. There's been a few ups and downs, with a few moments that have tried to bring me down, but I've had Alex, new adventures and positive plans that have kept me going and also reminding myself that I'm not going to let anything or anyone make the anxiety worse and take the positivity from me.

This month Alex and I have explored many different places, mostly walks by the water which I always find ever so peaceful and a joy to see plenty of wildlife. We've had wanders along the River Trent, Middleton Lakes and Linacre Reservoir. We've heard a bittern "boom", seen grey herons, tufted ducks, little egrets and great crested grebes. Being out in nature, no matter where it be, is always something that makes me feel calm and relaxed, but there's just something about being beside water that amplifies that even more. For me I think it's the sounds of the water gently rocking back and forth, the reflections rippling in the water and the sounds of dabbling ducks and other waders.

We've also visited a few woodlands too, which are all part of the connecting landscapes we've visited. It was amazing to see another great spotted woodpecker right in front of us, tree creepers, nuthatches, blackcaps and never getting tired of hearing the chiffchaffs high up in the trees. Another highlight was seeing bee flies at Skylarks nature reserve, I don't think I've ever seen that many before! I look forward to sharing more adventure photos soon.