May photo diary & a new season

31 May 2022

The seasons are coming around quickly with spring soon to be merging into summer. More wildflowers will spring up in the meadows, bats will appear in the late evenings circling around gardens in search for food, dragonflies will be seen darting across ponds, lakes and rivers, more swifts will be seen dancing in the skies and grass snakes and common lizards found basking in the summer sunlight. Summer's heat isn't my favourite, I've always been more of a cold weather person preferring to be wrapped up in layers as I adventure, but each and every season has its magic and the abundance of flowers and wildlife activity brings me joy throughout this season.

Last month Alex and I encountered a number of wildlife. Some highlights were deer, great spotted woodpeckers, speckled wood butterflies and fluffy goslings at Wollaton Park, we saw treecreepers and had a magical nature moment when we saw a grey heron land gracefully on a tree log as we wandered beside the babbling brooks of Endor (Wyming Brook), not to mention robins and wrens singing in the pine trees. 

And so as spring fades into summer, I'm looking forward to our next wildlife encounters during the new season.  

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