Butterflies and Badgers in June

12 July 2022

Dragonflies seen darting across the water, swifts soaring in the skies and meadows filled with a sea of colourful wild flowers. Summer is here and so is an abundance of wildlife. It had been a busy June for us both, but we managed to get out and about exploring and searching for wildlife at the start of the new season.

One afternoon we decided to take a walk around Calke Abbey, which is one of my favourite National Trust grounds. We parked up at a nearby car park and took a stroll along the Staunton Harold reservoir that took us into the Calke Abbey grounds. After a good walk around the reservoir, up through the woods and around one of their ponds, we took a slow walk back to the car. Along the way we suddenly heard a rustling sounds coming from a large pile of leaves inside the private grounds. At first we thought it was a mole but then all of a sudden out pops a badger! We couldn't believe it. Both of us had never seen a live badger before and so we were both stood watching it in surprise. We watched as the badger shuffled through the leaves, at one point it was about a meter away from us, at which point it spotted us and then wandered off back to wherever its sett was. It's rather unusual to see a badger out in broad daylight and I was made aware that it could have been lost, hungry or dehydrated. I've also read that during warm weather, badgers may head out of their sett earlier to find food. We're hoping it was okay and managed to find some food and return to its sett. 

Over the past few years my interest in butterflies and moths has grown. I find them so intriguing and each year I'm always on the lookout for species I am yet to see. I'm always on about what butterflies and moths I have seen and so one weekend Alex surprised me with a trip to a butterfly sanctuary! It was wonderful to walk around this beautiful sanctuary together and see many different bright and colourful butterflies from across the world, fluttering around us. Some even landed on us when we were stood still, they didn't seem bothered by people walking around at all! Our trip to the butterfly sanctuary was followed by a wander around the town of Stratford-upon-Avon, which is known as the birth place of Shakespeare. 

I hope July brings plenty more wonderful nature encounters!

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