I'm Kayleigh, a nature photographer and writer with a passion for wildlife and the great outdoors.

Alongside my day job as a communications assistant for a Wildlife Trust, I like to spend most of my time outdoors; whether that be walks around the local woodlands or venturing further out into the countryside, escaping to the rolling hills, mountains, lakes and forests. Each and every day I love to get my daily dosage of the outdoors.

My photography revolves around embracing and capturing each of the seasons. Whether that be the warm golden tones of autumn, icy glistening frosts in winter, the luscious green landscapes of spring and the wildflowers that bloom in the meadows throughout summer. I capture each and every one of the seasons, bringing them to life within my photography, telling a story through each moment captured. 

For a number of years I have had my struggles with mental health and if there's one thing I've noticed that helps me most is getting outdoors in nature. I hope to inspire others to get outdoors, explore and embrace each and every part of nature that surrounds us.