Privacy Policy

At, ran by Kayleigh Wright, the privacy of my visitors to my website is very important to me. This privacy policy will outline the types of data my website holds. 

Cookies uses cookies, like most sites to remember your preferences and settings and help improve the way you visit this site each time you visit. You can clear your cookies through your websites browser settings. Cookies can also be blocked depending on your browser via settings.

Your personal data, under no circumstances is ever sold or rented to any third parties.

Google Analytics

I use Google Analytics to determine the amount of page visits my site gets each month in each year and to also determine what blog pages users visit the most. Google Analytics collects internet log information, traffic, visitor behavioural patterns and demographics such as general location (no personal addresses), age and gender. You can read more about Google's privacy policy here.

I may also collect your IP address, this data is stored and collected in Google Analytics. Your IP address will be encoded and isn't visible to me.


I use the third party commenting system, Disqus. When you leave a comment on this site, you will log in via your Disqus profile. You can also log in via a Facebook, Twitter or Google profile. Information shown in the comment is what has been provided in your profile, such as name and username etc. The date collected is stored by them. You can find Disqus's privacy policy here.

Contact Form

When you use the contact form on my site the personal data collected will be your name and email address. This is so I can get back to you personally via my Gmail account and data is held via Google Docs. Your information will not be shared anywhere else.

If you have any queries regarding the privacy policy of and any data stored. Please get in contact here.