Work With Me


As a photographer I am inspired by nature and the changing of the seasons. My areas of photographic work are mostly within landscapes and wildlife. I like to keep my photography as natural as possible, working with natural light to create moody earthy tones and a mystical atmosphere. I like to tell stories through the use of photography, each and every one of my photos have a story behind them. 

For examples of my photography work please take a visit to my Instagram page.

For more of an insight into my photography journey, take a visit to my photography spotlight interviewed by Thryve.

My photography work has also been featured in Issue 8: Ember of the Creative Countryside magazine. 


I combine both my photography and writing together to share stories from personal adventures and nature throughout the seasons. Within my written work I hope to inspire others to embrace nature and explore the magic of each season. Examples of my written work can be found here on the blog. 

A piece of my writing has also appeared in the Creative Countryside online journal, which can be found here.

I have also written content for the online adventure site Thryve: